Tails from the Backseat – Peggy Tails

Peggy TailsLittle Peggy was born healthy and beautiful except for one noticeable difference from her littermates. She was born with her right front leg permanently bent at an awkward angle. Unable to sell a dog with this condition, her breeder/owner relinquished her to a dog rescue advocate. Mike and Carol Giambalvo offered to take the long trip to Iowa to pick up this little Golden Doodle. They lovingly put Peggy into their Back Seat and delivered her to the As Good as Gold veterinarian for her intake exam.

This thirteen pound bundle of energy was diagnosed with Giardia and Coccidia and was started on medications to eradicate the parasites. A surgeon was consulted about her deformed leg.

Unfortunately, it was determined that Peggy was born without a radius bone in the right leg. This is the main weight supporting bone of the forelimb supporting 80% of the weight. Left without intervention, she would likely develop arthritis in her elbow that could negatively affect her other limb. The only plausible solution was an amputation of her right leg. Two days after her amputation surgery, Peggy was back to 150% puppy and was running around as if she was always a tri-pod.

Janet Giblin agreed to be Peggy’s caretaker and help guide her through her Tale of getting ready to join a forever family. Janet wasn’t sure what to expect from a three legged dog, but she soon found out that Peggy acted like any other puppy and was physically progressing normally. Peggy is very friendly with people and animals, but her exuberance can be a bit overwhelming for her fur foster brother Taylor who wonders where this white tornado came from. She enjoys playing with a variety of toys, but her favorite is a stuffed squeaky lamb which she carries everywhere. Peggy loves to cuddle and while relaxing she can bend her body into positions that would amaze a contortionist. At the end of a busy day, this pup can be found snuggling with her foster parents in their bed, but a dog bed is where she enjoys afternoon siestas.

After a few short weeks in foster care, Peggy has changed from a shy puppy who spent most of her time in her safe spot to a frisky go-getter who races up and down stairs. She doesn’t seem to miss that absent fourth leg and readily accomplishes all her acrobatic maneuvers! This curly haired Golden Doodle loves car rides, turkey dogs, homemade dog treats and is very close to being completely house broken.

Peggy likes nothing better than being close to her humans especially after a busy fun filled day. Her foster mom gushes that this puppy’s adorable face, eyes and ears could melt your heart. Sweetness personified!

-The only special need I have is to be
loved and accepted just the way I am.-

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