Simba’s Story


B’ring! B’ring! B’ring! Time to start the day, mom! Oh, dear, you turned off the alarm? I’ll help you! A kiss on the cheek and a gentle bump with my snout:: yay, she’s awake!

The day begins with breakfast and relief time in the backyard. I have established my own designated area. I’m sure to get a walk today. It depends on my foster family’s schedule what time we’ll go. I don’t mind my harness and certainly enjoy our walks.

If it’s a day my foster parents go to work, I do quite well unconfined in the house and don’t disturb a thing. I want to save my energy for special time with my foster family and perhaps a little play.

When mom and dad come home, they usually find me curled up in my favorite spot.

My foster mom says I’m a “sweet shadow” and loving companion. She says I might be perfect for someone who doesn’t get around quickly because I’ll gladly sit by your side the entire day and happily accept being touched and petted. If you forget, well, my foster mom says that I’ve jumped next to her and put my head on her chest to remind her I’d love a hug.

SimbaI’m a trim and tall boy with plenty of energy and strength. I have fun with short games of tug of war with my Wubba rope toy and will chase after it if you throw it a few times. But, then I’ll come back and sit next to you for continued affection.

I sit nicely to be brushed, maybe because it means more quality time with my family. Oh, and it was fun being with my family as we enjoyed the 4th of July fireworks – -I didn’t mind!

I do have cataracts in both of my eyes.  The nice vet ordered daily eye drops and ointment to be applied 2-3 times per week. Foster mom says I “. . . take it all like a champ.” She says my response is “treat worthy!” Wow!  And, it might be hard to see it in my photo, but I do have a sunken area in my skull. It doesn’t affect me in any way; I just want you to know it’s part of my structure.

Regarding kids and other dogs – – I’ve enjoyed being around teenagers. And, the first two years of my life were spent with four children under 5-years of age. But, my foster family hasn’t had the opportunity to observe me with young children. Likely it would be best for me to be the only dog in a home. I’ve been around other dogs and seemed quite comfortable, but occasionally I don’t respond well to them.

My foster mom says that when I look right into her eyes, she can sense the sincere love coming through. If you’re looking for a loving companion, I could very well be the one for you!

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