Simba Post Op

In spite of his infirmaries, seven year old Simba’s determination to enjoy a dog’s life was evident when he joined the As Good As Gold family.  Simba suffered from severe subluxation of his right hip.   A joint luxation is a dislocation or complete separation between the bone ends that normally articulate to form a joint. Subluxation is a term referring to a partial separation of the joint.  He also has severe osteoporosis of his left hip. His foster family was shocked when they heard cracking sounds when they petted him.  Although his rear limbs occasionally collapsed under him, with the help of pain and inflammation relief medications along with his tenacious nature, he was able to play rope pull and fetch balls. He maintains his sweet, friendly personality and is unrecognizable without a Kong or Nylabone in his mouth. He is always available for affection and cuddles from his humans. But, a lifetime of drugs and injections in order to maintain mobility is no way for a dog to live.

On July 20, Simba underwent life changing surgery by orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Edinger in Madison, Wisconsin. This entailed complete removal of his right femoral head and neck. Remarkably, within twenty-four hours, Simba was on his feet and ready for his trip home. He will slowly recuperate and visit Dr. Edinger several times before beginning a series of physical therapy sessions.  According to his surgeon, Simba’s prognosis for return of function is good and his lameness will gradually dissipate over  the next several months. His left hip will benefit from total replacement or FHO (femoral head ostectomy) surgery in the future.

Our responsibility to end the suffering of Goldens joining our family does not end with Simba. The quality medical care required by the pups in rescue now and in the future comes with a huge price tag.  If we are to continue to provide miracles, it is essential that we receive your help. Please find it in your heart to make a donation in honor of Simba and all future needy dogs that As Good as Gold promises a Golden future to.

Simba Going Home

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