Status: Success Stories

Winston - Success StoryCelebrating One-year as Best Friends

Winston and I just received our “Gotcha Date,” one-year anniversary card from As Good as Gold. For us, this was a two-way rescue.

Winston was in need of a home and I was grieving after letting my Sophie go at age 13 after a battle with lymphoma. He and I truly rescued each other.

After picking up Winston from his foster home, I welcomed him inside the house. He took a quick run through every room, came back, looked at me and seemed to say, “Yes, this will definitely do.”

And it has been doing very well for both of us. He is, of course, my new best friend and I seem to be his. We fit perfectly—an old lady with an old dog. Winston was ten and a half-years-old when he arrived last year, and I am not young.

We both remember all we used to be able to do in our lives and continue to enjoy all we can do now—together.

I love my rescuer.

Sally Campbell