Status: Success Stories

Willow is a very sassy girl! And by sassy, I mean she has a sound for everything. It’s funny hearing the noises she comes up with! She also loves car rides; she’s so thrilled to go in the car that when the time comes, she jumps right in! Willow wants to be by us at all times and is a very loving and caring girl.

We adopted Willow in October of 2020 so our 2-year-old golden, Oliver, would have a friend. They quickly became best buds. Our Oliver had developed cancer, and the treatments had brought him down a bit. But, once Willow arrived, it seemed like Oliver found his spark again! In May of 2021 we began fostering Blair, who had been a breeder dog, so we had three goldens for a time. Willow and Blair hit it off right away even though Willow was only 1 and Blair 4-years old.

Sadly, Oliver passed away this past September. We noticed that Willow seemed to be waiting for him to come outside with her. Thankfully Blair and Willow have each other for now, and Willow is now Blair’s mentor dog! Blair has grown more comfortable over the four months we’ve had her and a lot of that has to do with Willow showing her the way.