Status: Adopted


  • Fenced in yard
  • Resident dog(s) that will play and wrestle with me and help me continue to build confidence
  • A home that is in a quiet area without a lot of passers by


I am about 2 years old and came here from Turkey where I lived on the streets.  I am an extremely sweet, gentle and loving boy.  I love to snuggle and will often climb up on the couch and lie next to foster mom with my head draped in her lap.  One of my favorite things to do is to chase and wrestle with my foster siblings.  My next favorite pastime is “hunting” in the backyard with my partners in crime.  Chasing rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks is always fun.

I am high energy and need a fenced in yard in my forever home where I can run and run.  But, once inside, I settle down nicely.

Foster mom has learned that I can talk.  I have a very low voice and will tell her a story when I come inside after barking at something outside.  She says it’s hysterical, but I am not sure what that means. I also have a lot to say when I am waiting for my food at meal time and I let my foster siblings know that when they wrestle, I am the referee and want to join in.

I have a very high prey drive and will want to chase and bark at anything that moves, including cars, bicycles, and other dogs.  I will lunge and bark and will pull very hard and can be difficult to manage.  Foster mom has been working with me and has figured out how to make walking a bit better.  I can be fearful when meeting other dogs, especially on leash, I just need slow introductions, then I am fine like we have been old friends.  When I am inside, I will bark as people walk by the house.  Foster mom has worked really hard on helping me learn that I don’t need to bark at everything that goes by and I have gotten better.  I will do best in a home that is on a quiet street where I won’t get stimulated by things going by.

I am a sensitive boy that will thrive in a home with a confident resident dog.  When I first got to my foster home, I was terrified of new situations and extremely reactive.  I have learned to trust and adapt by watching my foster siblings.  They have been amazing teachers.

I am a wonderful boy that continues to overcome my fears every day.  I am ready to show you how much love I have to give my new family and will shower you with kisses.

Male, 2 Years Old, Mix