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Tiffany Success Story


After raising 3 Goldens in 39 years, we were sad and lonely when our last one passed on in August.  We finally decided to try adopting from As Good As Gold and filled out the application to send in.   Following the home visit, we quickly received a call about Tiffany, a little female from Puerto Rico.  We drove up to meet her the next morning and brought her home that December 13th day.  Right from the start, she fit into our lives like she’d always been with us!  She was already housebroken, loves cuddling, enjoys her morning walks (when the weather allows), and is so affectionate.  She loves to run laps in our big backyard and warn off all the squirrels that live in our trees. She has firmly lodged herself in our hearts and that of our adult daughter, who loves to visit and get her “dog cuddles.”