Status: Success Stories

“Susie lit up my life!” That’s what Susie’s mom, Tamara, says of her 2-year-old corgi/golden mix who she adopted from As Good as Gold nine months ago. Susie was one of the dogs who traveled from Puerto Rico late last spring during the challenging COVID traveling period. She flew to Florida and then was driven to Illinois with two special volunteers.

Tamara said that she and Susie were happy together from the start, yet she felt a warm bond was missing between them. Tamara couldn’t quite identify what might be missing until the day her mother came to visit. When Tamara’s mom spoke to Susie in Spanish, Susie’s tail started wagging as fast as it could go! “She was super excited!” said Tamara. Opening the door to communication by using a few words in Spanish proved to be a huge turning point. And now, Tamara gives Susie a few commands in Spanish, and Susie has learned some English commands and words.

Things are going well. Tamara says, “Everyone gets along!” The two cats, two parrots, Susie and mom. Initially the cats ignored Susie, but then one cat started licking Susie, so now they lick each other! One of the parrots is occasionally allowed to walk around the house for a bit. (He needs the stimulation, apparently.) Susie just leaves him be.

Tamara describes Susie as affectionate, extremely well behaved, and simply a little sweetheart. Susie runs to mom and flips over letting her know it’s “tummy rub time.” Mom says Susie wants to be petted “all the time.” In fact, if her mom is petting the cats, Susie “nudges her way in” for her share.  She enjoys the fenced backyard and neighborhood walks. She even likes to have her jammies on sometimes! Mom said, “Susie thinks she’s pretty cool,” when she wears them. At 9 p.m. Susie jumps onto mom’s bed.

Mom says Susie is “queen of the house,” and happily so.