Sophie came to the United States from China two months ago. A rescue group from China saved Sophie and several other dogs from a truck bound for their final destination. After being assessed, the dogs were put on a flight to New York. The next truck she was placed in brought Sophie to Illinois and As Good as Gold. As she walked towards the volunteers, they noticed she had a definite limp. Still, she was now in caring hands.

Sophie now had a foster family and a team from As Good as Gold that would guide her to better days. Soon she found herself at the vet’s office. X-rays indicated moderate spinal arthritis, and moderate swelling and arthritis of the left knee. After further evaluation by an orthopedic veterinarian surgeon, it was discovered that Sophie had a fully-torn cruciate ligament and torn medial meniscus. She had likely been in this condition for some time.

Sophie's incisionHer surgery was February 11. Her ligament and meniscus were repaired—a major surgery. A small benign mass from her eyelid was removed.

The surgeon’s guidelines indicated that Sophie should be confined to a small area to restrict movement for several weeks. During this period, foster mom and brother took turns being Sophie’s “home care aides.” They took turns sleeping on the floor next to her.  Taking Sophie outside includes the use of a “Help-me-up” harness. This was no simple task during the weeks of February because of the mountains of snow! The vet said it would be best for Sophie to be able to stand on grass, so shoveling out a spot for her became part of the daily routine. Foster mom moved her office into the kitchen to be close to Sophie. Her brother was doing his homework on the floor next to her. They found things to help her pass the time such as finding treats in a snuffle mat.

A few weeks out now, the surgeon finds that his patient is doing extremely well. She’s deciding to put weight on her leg ahead of what’s normally seen post-surgery, possibly because she’d been so accustomed to pain while being mobile.

Foster mom says Sophie, “. . . exudes love! She’s like a teddy bear, you just want to hug her!” She loves to be brushed, enjoys petting time, is kind to her furry foster sisters, and is easy to train.” Mom adds, “Sophie loves to please and happily responds to positive reinforcement. She seems thankful in her golden way.”

 The surgeon indicates that Sophie can now “. . . start using her leg a little more, but still with the goal of rest and healing and not over using or over extending.” Sophie will gradually increase the distance she can walk.

Sophie is not yet available for adoption. The family that eventually adopts her will need to realize that exercise will be important in order for her to build and maintain strength and mobility.

No one knows what Sophie’s life was like before being rescued. But certainly, we know that without the donations to As Good as Gold, she certainly would not be the thankful and happy girl she is now.

SophieSophie in harness

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