Status: Adopted


When I boarded a plane to Chicago, I knew my life was going to change for the better.  I was found on the streets of Puerto Rico in the spring and was able to fly up to Chicago a few months ago.  When I got here, I had some health issues that were making me feel awful.  I had pyometra and needed my uterus removed and the vet noticed that there was something wrong with my eyes so I went to a specialist that discovered that I was blind in one eye and in a lot of pain.  My eye had to be removed, and my other eye gets special drops daily to make sure I don’t have the same problem.  I need to have it checked once in a while to make sure that nothing changes.  This is the diagnosis for my right eye:  signs of Golden Retriever Pigmentary Uveitis and early immature cataracts. Along with epithelial corneal degeneration with an area of superficial ulceration in her right eye.  I certainly don’t let this stop me from enjoying the golden life!

My sweet nature captures the heart of everyone that meets me.  On my walks I greet people of all ages and enjoy all of the attention I can get.  I have been a perfect houseguest at my foster home and have the run of the house when my foster family is not home.  When they are home, I love to be with my people and will do anything to make sure I am as close as possible, even fitting in between the tightest spaces to be near you.

I love to play fetch in the yard, go for lots of walks throughout the day, and I am great on leash.  I love meeting other dogs along the way and would enjoy romping and playing with them.

My new and wonderful life has begun and I am ready to spend it with my very own family.

Female, 5 Years Old