6 Years





Fast Facts
  • Housebroken and crate-trained

  • Walks nicely on leash

  • Sweet and loves attention

  • 73 pounds


Message from Quincy:

Do you think dogs have dreams? I don’t really, but foster mom does. She said that when I first came to live with her, I must have been having bad dreams ’cause she’d hear me making very unhappy noises in the night. Three months later she says I’ve gone from nightmares to happy dreams! My tail thumps on the floor as I wag my tail now during dreamtime!

I was also afraid of a hand coming near me, but now that I realize the joy of being petted, I’m all in! I even solicit for petting now. I perform the “golden nudge” by very lightly touching mom’s hand with my cold nose. I also find it’s irresistible for her to ignore me when I set my head on her lap for some snuggles. She says I’m becoming a sweet and very special boy. I’ve come out of my shell with other adults too. I greet people at the front door now!

I came to As Good as Gold as a fearful dog not accustomed to living with a family. As I’ve become more accustomed to the sounds of a house inside and out like the TV, doorbells, planes overhead, I’m not nearly as fearful as before.

I also came to As Good as Gold heartworm positive. The treatments are all over now, but I still need to take it easy for several more months. My body needs to focus on recovery; strenuous activities, for now, could be detrimental. So, I would need a family that would understand how important this recovery period is for me. It wasn’t known at the very first that I was heartworm positive. Foster mom had gotten a ball out for me. I retrieved it and was having a blast. I would chase it and bring it back to her. Then she put it away “for my own good.” She said, “just for a while.” I miss it, but I know she’s trying to help me. But I can’t wait for the day when I can see it again! It’s OK for me to take short walks for now.

I’m happy to be with other dogs. In my foster home, I live with two female goldens. A mentor dog would be of help to me in my forever home. Since I’m accustomed to females, a female mentor might be best.

Sometimes I bark . . . in a protective and scared sort of way. You might hear a defensive grumble when I have a toy that I don’t want my foster sisters to take it away.

It’s interesting learning from foster mom. I can be “barky,” but when she says, “shhh” I’ve come to realize that things are OK, and I don’t have to bark any more.

I dream of living with a loving family for the rest of my life. I think I’ll sleep on that!  Zzzzzz.

  • Be at least 23 years of age

  • No children under 6 years of age living in your home

  • We primarily adopt goldens to families living within Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and the southern most counties of Wisconsin

  • If you do not own your residence or live in a condo, you will need a letter from your landlord or property management company

  • Provide excellent vet care for your dog(s)

  • Do not use an invisible fence

  • Are not over your town/county's pet limit

  • Have the knowledge and agreement of all adults living in the household

  • Be prepared to make a lifetime commitment

  • QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR POLICIES? All your answers in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

If interested please fill out our online adoption application form; please make sure you fill in every required field/question or your submission will not go through. Please note that we take time to learn as much as we can about each dog in our care and our bios are our current observations; we are unable to make any guarantees on the future health or temperament of your adopted dog. Most dogs in our care come with unknown pre-rescue history and as such breed and age estimates are an educated guess.

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