Polly Esther

Status: Adopted


My purpose in life used to be a full-time mommy. I was comfortable around other dogs, but I didn’t get many opportunities to interact with humans or experience anything beyond my cage. When my owner didn’t want me anymore, I was taken in by As Good as Gold. I came without any possessions, not even a name. My Foster Dad gave me my first gift. He named me Polly Esther.

At first, I wouldn’t take treats from anyone’s hand or leave my safe spot in the laundry room. That has all changed. I have learned to trust my Foster Mom, stick close to her and sleep near her bed. I check on her throughout the night to see if she needs to give me a scratch or pat, which she always does!  I also occasionally crawl into bed next to her and put my head on her shoulder so I know she won’t leave the bed without me.

I have fun exploring the yard with my canine foster siblings Bella and Jacque. I am learning a lot by just hanging around with them and feel safe when they are nearby. I know I would be lonely without another dog in my life, so that will be a necessity in my forever home. When I encounter something strange while outside, I put on a brave face and give a loud bark. Then I run in the opposite direction! I have even learned to respond to my new name and come in when I am called.  My ball with a rope attached is my first and favorite toy. I toss it, catch it, carry it and chew it!

The pictures and voices I see on the television screen in the family room still concern me a little bit, but if I get a cuddle at TV time, I feel more comfortable. My favorite place in the house is the kitchen because I know yummy stuff comes from there.  Since I love to eat, it’s a great place to hang out. I am a calm leash walker although I tend to cut my humans off a bit by crossing back and forth in front of them.  Foster Mom says that I will improve with practice. I am always a willing participant.

My name is perfect for me. Polyester is good under stress, has good durability and has high tenacity. This Polly Esther also has a perpetually wagging tail and needs special handling including occasional treats, gentle pats, patient training and lots of love.


2 Years Old