Status: Adopted

I may be graying, but I’m still happy to tease foster mom and my furry siblings with the fun toys from the toy box! My Golden sniffer-nose hasn’t aged much either. I do a “sniff and grab” with mom’s socks, which encourages her to follow me to get them back – – what fun!

I get along with other dogs and enjoy the people I meet, but mainly I love being near my foster mom. Every time she moves, I move with her; I’m never far away. I try to gain her attention for play, for sitting near – – and for food!

FOOD! Mmm. If I see mom eating, I let her know that I’d love a taste or more! I wish I could live on Stella & Chewy’s, they’re delicious! But, mom says they’re for a “special treat” only. I eat all of my breakfast and dinner, but I leave the peas: ptui!

If I could counter surf, I’d probably be a pro at it, but I have one hip that won’t cooperate. My hip causes me to hesitantly navigate the couple of steps to the backyard, so a house with lots of steps likely wouldn’t work for me. I get medication for my hip and my foster mom gives me a shot every few weeks to help.  I do enjoy neighborhood walks and find it pleasant to stroll and investigate the backyard where I then take care of “business.”

Normally I rest by foster mom while she works at home during the day; I rarely ask to go out. The days she’s away I don’t have accidents, and I don’t need to go out during the night either. Mom takes me outside as soon as I wake up, but mainly that’s because she wants to get me used to the routine in her home. I do need assistance getting in and out of a car, but once there I definitely enjoy the ride!

Mom describes me as a “sweetheart.” She says I’m curious and love attention. I also heard her say that I’d be a great companion for someone who simply wants a Golden by their side. Are you looking for Golden companionship? If so, could we agree to skip the peas?

Male, 10 Years Old