Oso Bear

Status: Adopted

My favorite things (not in this order): chasing squirrels, attention from people, chasing squirrels, exploring the backyard with my furry foster brother, chasing squirrels, and going for walks and car rides.

Foster dad says I’m an “angel!” He’s happy because I sit nicely when he puts on my harness for a walk. He’s impressed that I also sit nicely to shake hands. He’s pleased that I’ve never had an accident in the house (humans appreciate that.)

Playing with and investigating other animals is a fun pastime! I enjoy my furry foster siblings: the dogs and the cats! I’ve even given my doggie siblings kisses. Though I might like to chase squirrels, I’ve never caught one – – the fun is in the chase! One time, I did find a baby bunny. I picked it up, but being a tender Golden, I dropped him carefully from my mouth.

Oso means bear in Spanish. I’m not too much of a bear though. I weigh 75 pounds, which is pretty average for a nice-size male Golden. I get fun treats at foster dad’s like sliced cucumber and other crunchy vegetables. Foster dad says it’s always a good idea for dogs, especially senior dogs, to have a diet that will help us maintain a healthy weight.

As a 10-year old, I do find I’m a bit slower now in climbing the stairs, and that I need a little help getting into the car. But, my enthusiasm for life and enjoyment of people surely haven’t decreased.

If you’re looking for a fun-loving, yet mellow fellow, please contact As Good as Gold so we can meet!

Male, 10 Years Old