Nico & Dora

Status: Recent Adoptions


This bonded pair is described as being sweet and faithful friends. They were found together as strays in Puerto Rico. Dora is 8-years old; Nico is 4.

Seeming to assume the backyard is an amusement park, it’s there that they love to run, romp together, investigate interesting scents, and chase squirrels! They seek loving attention from their foster family, don’t counter surf, and don’t jump on people or bark when there’s activity at the front door. They are both good with cats and kids, but these two should be the only dogs in the house.

The vet described Dora as “one of the sweetest, calmest dogs” he’s ever met.  Dora likes to rest her head on foster dad’s lap for some petting time. On occasion, she will play with her stuffed animals.  But one of her favorite activities is watching TV! Her favorite shows involve animals, All Creatures Great and Small and The Yorkshire Vet being her favorites. She will watch the entire program. She also watches cartoons and foster dad’s Zoom calls. Dora is considered the “motherly” type. So motherly in fact, that some have wondered if Nico might be her offspring. She has even been observed caring for kittens!

Nico is the more energetic of the two. He has a sweet disposition but is also bit timid and anxious at times.  Dora helps to calm him with her motherly grooming and pampering. The vet found a bit of tendonitis and thickening in Nico’s left knee. One might notice a slight difference in his gait, but Nico surely doesn’t notice. Foster mom says he runs and plays normally. Nico is not a TV watcher. In fact, the television seems to put him to sleep.

Walking in the neighborhood is enjoyed by both dogs. Currently they are being walked separately.  They could each use a bit of training and reassurance with this activity. If other dogs approach during walks, Dora pulls and does a bit of growling. Foster mom feels it’s more from fear than aggression. Then Nico will bark in response.

Both of them follow basic commands and observe, “settle,” when asked to do so. Foster mom feels they are accepting of training and eager to please.

Both dogs are crate trained.  It’s been observed that they can be left in the house alone for 2-3 hours. For longer periods of time crates are used, mainly to keep Nico calm. Nights with Dora and Nico are peaceful. They sleep freely with no use of crates. The family that adopts these two will also be given their beds and their crates, which also include dog mattresses.

Their smiles tell it all. If you’d like to be greeted with wagging tails and enthusiastic smiles, Nico and Dora could be your “welcome home duo!”