Murray square

RAINBOW BRIDGE…  Murray is now running pain free at the Rainbow Bridge.  Run free sweet Murray!!!  You were a wonderful boy!!

When my owner died, I had no one to take care of me, so I was given to As Good as Gold so I could find a new home. I am a robust guy and weighed in at ninety pounds when I came in to foster care. Since then, I have been eating a lower fat diet and healthy snacks. After only a short time in foster care I can tell that I have lost weight because I can walk faster and further now. My frisky side shows when I roll and flop around in the yard and relish in the sights and smells in the great outdoors.  My hindquarters are still a little weak and I sometimes have difficulty getting up, but I take a little pill every day to help reduce joint pain and inflammation.

I have experienced a lot of things that are new to me in the weeks I have been in my foster home. Recently we went for a walk at the lake. I was curious about the water, but I wasn’t brave enough to go in this time. I did, however, find digging for rocks in the sand to be great fun. I try very hard to be a good catcher when foster mom throws balls for me.  What I lack in skill, I make up for in enthusiasm. Actually, I would rather cuddle with my humans than play anytime.

After a boost into the back seat of the car, I am a content passenger. I also look forward to walks, but I sometimes get too excited when I see other dogs. I just want to play! I am working on improving my self- control and learning to walk without pulling. Practice make perfect!  I get along well with our neighbor’s dogs and my kitty siblings.  The kitties tease me by jumping on my head and staring at me when I am chewing on my bone, but I just ignore them and they soon lose interest.

I am a very outgoing guy and am not skittish in any way. I adjust quickly to new situations and take everything in stride.  Call me Murray or Mr. Personality.  I’m ready to roll.


12 Years Old