Status: Adopted

Mozzie Square

My foster mom calls me Mozzi, but I came to As Good as Gold named Messi, sharing the name of Argentina’s soccer star Leo Messi.  Since I have completely healed from my TPO surgery for hip dysplasia in February, I can now resume normal activity and will challenge anyone to a run for the goal! The veterinarian says I need to keep my weight down to my present svelte forty-seven pounds, get lots of exercise and take glucosamine supplements so I continue to gain muscle mass and bone strength.

Since I am just a youngster, I am continuing to learn acceptable behavior through positive reinforcement.  I have already learned obedience commands at dog school and am practicing nose work where I find hidden objects and people by using the “sniff test.”  For more fun I like to chase bugs, go frogging in the pond, retrieve and return thrown objects and chew on kongs and deer antlers.  Unfortunately, stuffed animals don’t last too long at my house!

For adventure, I like to go for rides in my crate in foster mom’s van.  Sometimes new environments and meeting strange dogs and humans frighten me.  My mom is working on slowly introducing me to uncomfortable situations where she helps me feel safe and I have the opportunity to gain self-confidence.  I will need to continue working on this as I grow older and become a big brave adult golden. I am also trying hard to learn to share my belongings and space with my foster siblings.  Since I have sharing issues, I need to be in a home without any other four legged friends.  I do fine with play dates, I just don’t like them to be in my space to share my special treasures.

Whether you call me Mozzi or Messi, I am looking for a family who is willing to continue my training and help me feel loved and secure.    There are lots of benefits to the long walks I will need.  They will help us bond just by being close together, strengthen my hip and leg muscles, use up some of my puppy energy and encourage a healthy life style for YOU.  Puppy kisses are also included.  We’ll both be winners!


1 Year Old