Status: Success Stories

After the sudden loss of our senior dog at the beginning of shelter-in-place last year, our family was heartbroken and feeling the huge gap left when a furry family member is no longer around.  We knew we wanted to rescue a Golden, but quickly found that many other families wanted to do the same.

We were told that it could be six months to a year to be matched with a rescue, but then we saw Mose (then named Takita) highlighted in an email just a few weeks later; we reached out right away to learn more about him.  My husband instantly fell in love with him, and after meeting him at his wonderful foster mom’s home, we knew that he was meant to be ours.

Our children adore Mose!  Even the neighbors who came to meet him were impressed by how handsome and well-behaved he was right from the start.  He was quickly gifted many toys and lovies. Mose enjoys snuggle time no matter what room he’s in as long as his humans are there.  He can be goofy or serious, tender or protective, agreeable or a bit rebellious.  The longer he has been with us, the more his personality shines through, and we know that is because he continues to feel more and more comfortable letting down his guard.

We feel so fortunate to have been chosen as his family!  And, we have developed a friendship with his foster mom, too, so that Mose can have yet another human in his life who loves him.