Status: Adopted

Max 44-15 square

I’m just a very busy youngster who loves to run and play with endless enthusiasm.  As with most young dogs, I am high energy and have the occasional case of the zummies.  I am so lucky that my foster brother Finn shares my enthusiasm for wrestling matches even though we sometimes get a little carried away and Foster mom has to intervene!   I love to destuff my soft toys and carry them around with me when I am looking for my next adventure.   I have fun playing fetch and I will keep playing until you quit. Sometimes I have trouble remembering to drop the ball at the end of the game and prefer to continue with a good game of tug-of-war!

Did I mention that I am a lap dog and try to curl up for a cuddle at any time and any place? The problem is, what do I do with my long legs? I look forward to longs walks with my foster mom and am working hard to keep pace with her without pulling.  I love other dogs I meet and even find the household cats very interesting.

I received very little training or guidance in my formative first year and I have a lot to learn about manners, obedience and self-control.  I need someone in my life who is willing to devote the time needed to patiently train me to be a well behaved family member.  Maybe we could form a strong bond while taking obedience classes together or just hanging out!  Will you be the one willing to love me enough to mold me into a complaisant companion who will reward you with sloppy kisses and endless devotion? I am a work in progress and a diamond in the rough.  I am the gem you have been looking for.  Take a chance on me!   I will sparkle in no time!

1 Year Old