Status: Adopted

Luxley square

Look into my eyes!  Foster mom says that one of my most endearing qualities is the way I make wonderful eye contact and how I gaze at her with my big blues.

I am a petite girl weighing 41 pounds but I may bulk up a bit as I reach maturity.  I am a little cautious about making new acquaintances, but I am learning to trust as time goes on.   I practice my hunting skills by skinning every available tennis ball and deboning my stuffed animals. Catching balls on the fly is my specialty.  I will also run after balls thrown to me and sometime even return them to foster mom’s hand.  Other times I just drop them into my water bowl!  Annie and Tess are my two golden foster sisters and I am learning a lot from them about playing and respecting their signals about where I fit in their pack which is at the bottom for now! I have lots of energy, but am content to relax in my crate or x pen at night or when I am home alone.

My ice blue eyes indicate that there may be a border collie somewhere in my parentage.  My herding instincts further point to that opinion!  I am not pushy and take treats very gently even when in close quarters with my foster sisters. Did someone describe me as snoopy?  Just because I stick my nose and head into paper bags looking for a crumb or maneuver a cupboard door open to investigate the contents just proves that I am a curious gal and very smart!  Also, I am often tempted to counter surf on occasion, but foster mom keeps it clear so I seldom score a treat.

If I had my wish, I would like to join a forever family with a fenced yard where you and I could safely run.  I am a problem solver and need to have a job to do.  A basket filled with canine puzzle toys would be doggie heaven.  Are you ready to help me grow from puppyhood into a well-mannered fun loving companion?


8 Months Old