Status: Adopted

“All I Need is Love!”

If you’re looking for a Golden companion, I’m your guy! Foster mom says Golden Retriever fans enjoy dogs who are affectionate, love petting, will sit by their sides, have sweet temperaments, and get along well with people and other pets. Woah, that’s me, alright!

The fact that I’m a coveted house guest as I have kept all of my business out of doors and have always respected foster mom’s belongings might also add to Retriever fans’ interest.

I’m so thrilled that As Good as Gold brought me into their care and to my foster mom. I was in pain, alone, and stressed. My pain was from a gallbladder stone—since removed and an abscessed tooth—since removed. Being overweight didn’t help either. Because of the kind-hearted people who donate to As Good as Gold, the surgeries were paid for. My foster mom has worked with me these past few months to get my weight down 10 pounds; I feel better than I have in a long time!

Though it doesn’t compromise my life too much, my hearing is very poor.  Foster mom communicates with me using hand signals. She thinks I’m a very smart boy because I picked up on the hand signals right away. I know “sit” and “come.” Of course I’m very happy to sit when I know it’s feeding time! (Haven’t stopped loving the food!) Foster mom thinks that because I bark when my furry foster brother barks, I might have some hearing ability.

I know when it’s walk time, when my mom is going to work, and when my mom is going to stay home. How do I know? I recognize her work clothes and her at-home clothes. I understand her movements and recognize that the leash means it’s time to walk!

Walking with my foster mom and furry brother Alex is such a fun part of my day. I get to see kids in the neighborhood (sometimes I sneak kisses to them) and I get to stop, sniff, and stare at interesting smells and things on the sidewalk.

When mom is away from home, Alex and I have the freedom of the house, but mainly we just take the time for our naps. (I’m so lucky: I have my very own bed!)

Mom says I seem happier and more playful with the pain and the weight behind me. So now all I need is the loving companionship of a forever family. Could you use a little Golden love?

Male, 10 Years Old, Mix