Status: Adopted


Hi! My name is Kiara (rhymes with the princess tiara) and I’m 7 years old. I am a trim 68 pounds. I came to AGaG because my family was moving and couldn’t take me with them.  I am good with other dogs since foster dad takes me and my golden foster brother, Calico Jack, to the dog park almost every day.  I don’t know really how to play, but am learning. I discovered I like balls!  Especially the squeaky ones.   I like other dogs, but love people more!  I am a wonderful houseguest.  I have never been crate trained, but I am potty trained and an angel in the house when foster mom and dad are gone.  I never chew, although I found I really like bully sticks, antlers, and marrow bones.  I was never allowed on furniture or the bed, so I lay close by near you.

I love going for car rides, but I am not good about jumping in the SUV. Foster dad has to put my front paws up on the back of the car and then boost my butt up.  I have gotten into a low sedan in the back seat, but don’t like getting in from the side door of an SUV because that seems a little too high for me.

I am very excited by little “critters” called chipmunks!  I love them so much I go in and out of the bushes hunting for them. Foster mom calls it an “obsession,” but I call it stalking.

I do have some high anxiety when it comes to thunder storms. They call it a phobia, and foster mom has to give me an “anti-anxiety” pill before the thunder comes rolling in.  I will need someone who can help me through the storms.  Foster mom and dad pet me during the storms and that helps me stop trembling. Since I haven’t been crate trained, I keep looking for that “safe spot”.  I am learning that a closet without any windows is a good thing.  I haven’t been really keen on what they call an interior bathroom or powder room, but have found certain “corners” in the room can help lower my anxiety.  The medication helps me, and does calm me down so I don’t go into a full panic mode, but it isn’t a silver magic bullet that makes everything go away. I will need someone who can be there with me through these terrifying storms.

If you think you can help me with the storms, then you will find out that all my other wonderful loving qualities far outweigh the storm days. Foster mom calls me “a real sweetie pie”.

Female, 7 Years Old