Status: Adopted


People are always commenting on my big black eyes and when my tail and feathers grow in, my Foster Mom says I will be stunning. I think I am already pretty cute!  My canine foster sister Maggie and I have marathon wrestling matches, but we’re never aggressive and wouldn’t dream of hurting each other.  We have an endless supply of bones and after enjoying some chew time, I turn to the stuffed toys. They don’t have a long life span with furry body parts flying in all directions when I am in control, but I was very gentle with a real live turtle I encountered in the yard recently.

Sometimes I am leery of male visitors to our house.   I keep my distance until I have a chance to assess them. After some time, I will cautiously approach for a pat or scratch, especially if I see Maggie getting lots of attention.  Even if I have met them previously, I have to start the investigative process all over again.  With patience and slow introductions, I hope to trust from the very start that males won’t harm me.

My back yard is my utopia.  I run like the wind and love to investigate the scents of animals that had been there when I wasn’t on patrol. I catch on to my lessons quickly and I know a lot of basic obedience commands like sit, stay and down.  If treats are offered, I am ready to respond to instructions! I enjoy going on walks and I sit politely when my Foster Mom stops.  I’m not large in stature at a petite 40 pounds, but I make up for my size with enthusiasm for life, curiosity about the world around me and an ever wagging tail.

Female – Mix

2 Years Old