Status: Recent Adoptions


My name is June, Junie, Junie B, June Bug, all of which my foster mom calls me.  I was born on 7/17/20.  I am a sweet and happy little girl but have had some health struggles. I was born with a genetic defect called bilateral ectopic ureters.  My ureters which are supposed to attach the kidneys to the bladder weren’t attached correctly, so I dripped like a leaky faucet.  I needed to have surgery to repair this defect which couldn’t happen until I was 4 months old.  I had surgery on November 12th and the surgeon who performed my surgery said my insides were complicated and he had to “reroute my plumbing”.  I was in surgery for over 4 hours but came out of it like a champ.  Everyone at the hospital loved me and gave me lots of kisses, pets, and cuddles to help me feel better.  I stayed there a couple of days, but then I felt so good they sent me home sooner than expected.

My bladder is finally filling up and starting to work right, but I am still having some issues and need to wear a diaper when inside.  There are more tests that I will be undergoing in early January to see what still might be going on inside.

I am always happy and greet everyone I meet, young and old, with lots of kisses and tail wags like you are my long-lost best friend.  I also love all dogs and think they are all my playmates.  I play tug with one foster sibling and wrestle with the other.  I would love to have a playful dog in my forever home because I am an active puppy and it’s a great way to burn my energy.  I love to go for walks and explore and I love to play fetch inside and outside I like to chase and play with a large chuck it ball.

It will be unknown for a few months if I will still have leaky issues going forward, or other problems like UTI’s, but if you are a special family that is willing to help me through my issues, I will pay you back a million times over with making you laugh and giving you kisses.