Harley Square

Hi Everyone, my name is Harley and yes, I’m every bit of 12 years old.  My foster parents call me a curmudgeon.  I don’t know what that means but I know I like to get my own way and I’m not afraid of letting anyone know if I’m unhappy.  Like a lot of older guys I also have selective hearing sometimes.  I can be lying on my bed & not hear you walk up to me but I can sure hear whenever my foster mom or dad opens up the treat bin.  I think I have them pretty well trained by now – sometimes they want me to go outside (like right before bed) but I make them get a treat for me  before I’ll follow them to the back door (did I mention I like to get my own way?).


I love going for walks just please make them short walks as I get tired easily (arthritis will do that to an old guy like me) and I love to go see my neighbors.  I fact, sometimes I like to pretend I’m Harry Houdini by slipping out of the backyard to visit the neighbors.  I also love going for car rides, especially to the local dog park – just don’t expect to get a long walk in yourself.  I’m much more into hanging around the entrance to see who’s coming and going.


Even though I really like my foster mom & dad (I normally will follow them around the house just to keep an eye on them) there are times when I really just want to be left alone to rest & nap.  My foster brother, Jackson, is an 11 year old Golden & I just can’t keep up with his energy.  It seems all he wants to do is play & I just don’t like to play anymore so mom & dad have tried to keep Jackson away from me when he’s in one of his moods.


Did I mention my arthritis?  If I did please excuse me – my memory isn’t what it used to be.  Anyway, I really don’t like stairs at all but I will deal with 2 or 3 at a time if I have to.  I don’t walk up stairs anymore; it’s more of a bunny hop.  Mom & dad do give me a supplement and it seems to be working.  Also, when I first came to my foster home I also had really bad allergies but a change to a good senior diet has helped (along with some stuff from my doctor for bad days)


Despite my foster dad calling me a curmudgeon I’m a really nice guy.  If you’re looking for a quiet partner who doesn’t need constant attention then I’m your man.  Just make sure we do things my way…


12 Years Old