Status: Success Stories

When we picked up our Happy Girl, huddled on her bed in her foster home, on the Saturday after Christmas 2018, we knew we were bringing a timid girl into our home. We were told that she had to be carried outside at times and sometimes had to be fed by hand. Noises and walking on a leash frightened her.

With time and patience, and following the lead of her sister, AGaG adoptee Zoey, Happy has really come around. One major accomplishment is going potty without being on a leash. After sleeping in our room on her own bed, she will go down the stairs to let you know she has to go out. She waits patiently every morning with her sister for her morning treat. In addition, Happy has now advanced to eating from a bowl instead of taking her food from the floor. Happy really surprised us when on the first day we attempted a dog park, she loved playing with the other dogs! She and Zoey now play on a regular basis.

Every day Happy gets better and better. Every now and again she will get spooked by something but really gets over it quickly now. She loves the grandkids!

We have an in ground pool and we are hoping someday she will swim.  All in all she has become a great addition to our family.