Status: Adopted

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I’m Graceful Greta, a loving dog with plenty to give.  Everyone says what a good girl I am and compliments me on my beautiful red hair.  I am a gentle girl and really love to just hang around with people and other dogs.  I would really like it if I could be in a home with another dog, especially a confident one to help me get through scary situations like loud noises, fireworks, and storms.  That kind of good buddy, along with my thundershirt, some drops or treats with natural calming ingredients and being near my humans are what makes scary situations so much easier.

I love healthy treats and take them very gently.  I’m not even a sloppy eater either.  My foster family members are amazed that there is no mess on the floor when I’m done eating. I know how to “sit” and am learning “wait”, “down”, “stay” and “release”.

The vet says I have some arthritis issues so I get glucosamine to help my joints.  I like sleeping on an orthopedic foam bed but will be happy to sleep on the floor or sofa.

I love greeting people of all ages.  I get along well with children but don’t like a lot of them all at once.  I like really tough toys and bones, but tend to shred plush toys.  And I’m not really into games like fetch or tug, but do like to wrestle.  I will even bark for more if my buddy gets done before I do.

What I like most is just to spend time with my family, being where they are and being ready for pets, brushings and belly rubs.  That’s why everyone says I am such a good girl.

If you are looking for a loving companion to spend your days with, I’m your girl.


8 Years Old