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Coming Soon!


Grace, 4-years old

The scoop I’m hearing about me is that I’m a “really sweet girl” who has “won the hearts of everyone.” Oh, my, can you detect a blush through my golden/white fur?

I’m on the “coming soon” list because As Good as Gold is waiting for a fungal infection I’ve had to clear up. This fungus is called blastomycosis and it lives in the environment. This infection can be devastating to dogs, but mine was caught early enough that it didn’t have a chance to spread. The blasto did cause glaucoma in my right eye, though, so I needed to have that eye removed. It’s okay; I use the other one!

Foster mom thinks I’m a friendly and happy girl. Oh, gosh, I really do love people. Mom thinks that when I’m ready for my forever home, it would best for me to have someone who is home most of the time (Yay!) and who would be willing to spend time teaching me things like “no paw.” Ya know sometimes I try really hard and keep my paw off people. But there are times when I get so excited, like when I wake up in the morning and see mom, that in my exuberance, well; I forget the rule. I’m smart though! Mom thinks it’s pretty wonderful that I learned “sit” in one day!

It would be best if I were the only dog in the house. I’m not one to want to readily share my toys or my mom with other dogs.

Sometimes I can be playful and silly! One time I surprised mom by bouncing onto the sofa and burying myself in the cushions: what a blast!

Then there are times when I’m scared. I get anxious when mom’s away. The vet put me on medication for this anxiety.  I can be destructive if left alone too long.  A few hours here or there are all I can take.

So I’ll keep working on my “no paw,” and hopefully become a bit more accustomed to my new world. Then when we have the “all clear” from the vet, I might get to meet you!