Status: Adopted

**** Please read the information at the end of his story regarding his hips ****

A shiny, black coat covering a true Golden heart. That’s me, DRACO!

I’m looking for a family to follow around the house like a shadow, take me on walks, and accompany on car rides (admittedly, I try very hard to co-pilot).

Aren’t walks the BEST? Despite some limitations I presently have with a weak hip muscle (we’re thinking the underwater treadmill therapy I’m presently receiving will “lick” this problem), I still plow through the snow and love going outside to romp!

Even though I’m on the small side—50 pounds, my energy continues with play time with my foster-dog-siblings. I don’t usually initiate toy play, but if one of them begins, I’ll gladly participate! Tug-of-war is one of my favorite games.

I like to be close to my foster parents and their resident dogs. The first night I lived with them, I joined in the bedtime cuddle ritual! I think my foster parents were surprised when I put my head right in their laps; I felt so happy to be with them. I show love to my foster siblings too. Sometimes I lick or kiss one of them just because I like them so much.

My foster family says that I get along great with my foster siblings and most other dogs, but my “in charge” personality does not allow for a good rapport with other alpha males my age.

I’m a polite 2-year old and sit nicely to accept a treat and to have my leash attached. I enjoy making friends with people. My new friends at the vet’s office lavished me with praise and pets.

My foster family says that I have the “best disposition ever.”  And, that a dog lover would be thrilled to welcome me into his or her home.

Male, 2 Years Old

**** Both of his hips are deformed. One has severe hip dysplasia and the other is missing the femoral head (almost like he had a previous surgery to remove it). He has started underwater treadmill therapy and should continue with this to build up his muscle mass. He is getting Adequan injections and is on a pain medication called Meloxicam. He would benefit from a good joint supplement as well. He will need to get regular exercise, swimming would be great, along with keeping him very slim. He needs to build up and keep his muscle mass in his back end.  At this point, he is not showing any signs of discomfort and it doesn’t slow him down at all. He may end up needing surgery down the road for the severe hip, but it is not necessary at this point since he is not showing clinical signs.  The hip missing the femoral head can’t have anything done to fix it, he just needs to maintain muscle mass.