Status: Adopted


It was very crowded in my previous home in Puerto Rico. Because our owner had to provide for so many dogs, the shyer ones like me didn’t receive any personal attention or training. We weren’t given any toys, so the purpose of tennis balls and squeaky objects was unfamiliar to me. At my foster home, I have been introduced to plush toys.  Foster Mom throws them for me to chase, but I am still unsure of what to do next when I catch them. So many things are new to me, but I watch fur foster sibling, Haven, and I am discovering a whole new world of fun!  I also live with two cats. I am very respectful of them, but occasionally I give chase just to see them run.

Although leash walking is a new experience for me, I never pull unless I see a pesky squirrel.  Then it’s off to the races!  I am working on controlling myself. I am also uncomfortable when we pass an unfamiliar dog.  Slow introductions are in order for me to accept the attention of a strange canine.  I feel the same way about people. I am readily tolerant of women, but I am cautious about strange men when they approach me.

Foster brother Haven is the “sleep with mom” dog, so I choose to curl up on the floor near her bed. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like to snuggle. Couch time finds Foster Mom sandwiched between Super Lab Haven and me. If I hear “cuddle”, I am there! I am never happier than when I am close to my Foster Mom who tells me what a beautiful girl I am.  My inside manners are impeccable, except for occasionally investigating the counter tops.  There is no need to ever put me in a crate and I enjoy free reign of the house when I am left alone.

I will be a living alarm clock in my forever home. When I think it is time to awaken, I will put my chin on the bed, give a tiny lick and say, “Okay, I think it is time to start the day!” There will be no need to hit the snooze alarm ever again.


4 Years Old, possible mix