Status: Adopted


1-year-old Male

Must haves in my forever home:

A mentor dog and a fenced in yard.

“Struttin’ Your Way!”

My foster mom says it’s a joy to watch me move as I have my own special “strut” and express such excitement with life!  When I’m really excited, I spin my tail like a helicopter!

Dawson playing with a kongI might possess the best aspects of both the golden and the ‘doodle. For one thing, it seems I’m a pretty intelligent boy. Foster mom says I learn a command the first time it’s presented to me. And, I’m quick to obey. Foster mom just has to make a quick, firm “uh-uh” noise and I stop in my tracks. (That’s very impressive, I understand. And, I do want to please my family.) Commands I am familiar with are “leave it” (most of the time) and “down”, especially if the person turns the other way at the same time. And I sit promptly if you have a treat in hand. Sitting is becoming a behavior I do quite readily now, as it seems to result in positive reactions or treats.  Oh, and I “try to train my people,” she says. Sometimes that works, but sometimes they figure me out! (My brain is always workin’!) Like many goldens, I love attention and being petted, so might nudge people for attention. Like most ‘doodles, I don’t seem to shed (that my foster mom has noticed).

I came from a commercial breeding environment, so I spent a lot of time alone. I wasn’t aware of this big, wide playful and loving world until I came to As Good as Gold and my foster mom. It sure didn’t take me long to become excited about life! Toys are pretty interesting. I like chasing a Kong. It’s fun to see it bounce in different directions. Mom says I’m very social. Playing with other dogs is great fun; my furry foster sister and I often play together. Oh, and a really neat thing happened. Foster mom volunteered to watch a puppy for a week or so. I really took to that puppy. I would snuggle with him and take care of him like he was my very own. My foster sister is good to me, too. I learn about correct dog behavior from her. I’m housebroken now after observing that she goes outside. Oh, and I love to walk: how amazing it is to explore the world with my family. To assist in the exploration of this change in my environment, my forever home should include a mentor dog and a fenced-in yard.

I’m quite comfortable with my human family now. When I meet other adults, it takes me a few minutes to relax and trust them. It’s best if strangers come down to my level and talk with me gently for a few minutes.  I’ve met only one young person; she was nine years old. I immediately took to her, but I may have been overly enthusiastic. Mom thinks I got hoppity and boisterous. At least it was in a loving way, right?

Speaking of jumping, one of my nicknames is Mr. Lightfoot, because I leap over my foster sister, and sometimes pop up like popcorn. My foster mom’s friend calls me “Boing”! I’ve heard talk that I might make a great agility dog.  I do jump onto the couch to check out a noise I might hear outside, but then hop right off.  Other than that, I haven’t been interested at all in lying on furniture. I have TWO dog beds actually! One in the computer room where my foster mom works. Another very cushy one in her bedroom where I sleep peacefully all night long. When foster mom is away, I spend time in a crate. Foster mom leaves me with something safe to chew on, and then I normally drift off to sleep.

Some noises make me fearful like loud traffic and vacuum cleaners. Foster mom thinks that as I am exposed to more experiences, I’ll likely become more readily accustomed to new sounds.  Sometimes I have concerns about going through doorways; it’s best if I’m allowed to follow another dog. I’m not afraid of thunderstorms, though; I sleep right through them!

Foster mom says I’m “silly and sweet and would make a wonderful pet”.  She thinks I’m silly and playful because I make her laugh when she sings a song to me. She sings, “Da da da da da: CHARGE, Dawson!” And I come running to her! We have so much fun! Are you looking for a sweet and playful dog to share in your life?

DawsonDawson in a sweater