Status: Adopted

I am a sweet, petite senior.  At 35 pounds, I am a wonderful snuggle buddy and I am extremely affectionate.   I am a very easy houseguest as most seniors are.  I can have free roam of your house without issue.  I have my large collection of soft toys that I enjoy playing with, but I easily settle down to cuddle with you any time and enjoy lots of good scratches.

Being older I do have a few issues.  My teeth were in pretty bad shape so the wonderful As Good as Gold vet fixed me all up, but that meant removing a lot of my teeth.  I need to eat softer food since I can’t chew very well.  I also have a possible collapsed trachea so I can’t be walked using my collar.  I need to wear a harness so nothing pulls on my neck.

I need a home without other dogs and cats.  I don’t do well with other dogs and will growl at them to tell them to leave me alone.  I will also bark at them when taking walks.  In fact, I bark at lots of things on my walks, even people.  I take several short walks a day and am getting better at walking on a leash.  I can still pull a bit and get excited, even for my little size, I am pretty strong.

I would love to have my very own home again.  One where my people are willing to cuddle and love me.  Will you be my family?



12 Years Old