Status: Adopted

Cody Square

Don’t let my age fool you!  I have energy to spare whether it is playing Frisbee or fetching a ball.  My favorite game is tug-of-war and I am proud to say that I have never lost a competition with dog or human.  I also enjoy a rollicking game of chase with my foster fur brother Dre and never turn down an opportunity to wrestle with my other foster fur bro Sammy.  My quick moves always confuse Sammy!

I’m always a good boy when my foster family leaves, but I am really excited to welcome them home at the door with my favorite toy and blankie.  Foster mom calls me Wiggles because I add enthusiastic tail   wags and butt moves to my greeting.  I love to cuddle anywhere and anytime especially on mom’s bed or couch, but I wait for an invitation first.  Of course lots of kisses come with the cuddles!

Foster mom tells me how handsome I am and I respond with my adorable smile.  She says it is cute because my tongue sticks out a little bit where I am missing a lower canine tooth.  My manners are impeccable if I do say so. I wait for my turn to get fed, I let my humans go first down the stairs and through doorways.  I am also a good listener and always come when I am called.

I get lots of love and attention at my foster home, but the only thing missing that would make my life perfect is a forever family to call my own.  Are you ready to try to beat me at a game of tug-of-war?  I’m issuing a challenge and the prize will be my love and devotion forever.  We’ll both be winners!


8 Years Old