Status: Adopted

Stuck on You!

I follow my foster mom everywhere! She says my name could be “Velcro.” I’m an inquisitive puppy, so like to watch all the very interesting things she does throughout the day. I can also often be found by my furry foster brother’s side. It’s so much fun to play with him! Foster mom watches us play “gentle tag” in the backyard. I have a furry foster sister too. She’s a senior dog and prefers to “lounge” these days, so sometimes I just curl up next to her and we take naps together.

My other likes are carrying toys around the house, romping in the snow, and chewing Nyla bones. I very much enjoy being brushed—ahh. (I have a wonderful foster mom!) Having my teeth brushed is fun too!

I dislike the crate; it really scares me. When foster mom leaves the house, I stay in a gated area. I don’t mind that at all. After lots of play and following mom around, I’m often ready for a nap. During the night, I have my own little bed and sleep near her.

Foster mom describes me as a “gentle, active, and loveable” four-month-old puppy. I’m mostly black, but as you can see, I have a bit of white fluff under my chin—a little goatee! I’m a mini Golden-Doodle and weigh about 25 pounds, though my curly fluff makes me look a bit bigger than that.

Growing up requires time and teaching; therefore, my forever family should not leave me alone for more than 3-4 hours per day. I’m still working on housebreaking, but foster mom thinks that with continued training and patience I will be successful.  My forever family will also need to agree to take me to at least two series of positive-reinforcement obedience classes. Foster mom can see that I sincerely wish to please my family, so   training will likely go very well.  At this point I know “Come.” And, I know “sit,” but I don’t sit for long—I’m a puppy! Mom thinks I’d enjoy taking walks, but presently I want to hold my own leash.

Life is so exciting, and I sincerely want to please and be loved by people. Do you think I could get stuck on you?

Male, born 9/2/19