Status: Adopted

Cavo square

Even though I am not very interested in tennis balls or playing fetch, I assure you that I am a golden retriever!  However, I do enjoy dog toys and chewing on bones.  I also like to steal my humans’ shoes and socks, so my foster family is getting better at keeping their belongings safely out of reach since I came to live here!

My two fur foster siblings and I enjoy our walks together where I get lots of compliments about my leash manners and how handsome I am.  After our walks, we get to wrestle and gallop around the backyard to burn off more energy, but I settle down quickly when I come inside.  I am a friendly guy who is happy to play with all dogs from my buddies the mini beagles to the big black labs.  Car rides are always an adventure and I love sitting by the window and watching the world go by.

I willingly go into my crate when my family is leaving me home alone, but otherwise I have the run of the house and I sleep in a bedroom with my foster mom overnight.  I know that the furniture is a “no dog zone” so I am content to relax on the floor.  Sometimes if there is something delicious smelling on the counter, I just can’t help myself and will jump up to take a closer look.  After all, I was once a stray who was always on the lookout for something to fill my empty tummy. I am working on trying to control myself!  I am just a youngster who needs patience and a little more training in some areas of behavior.

If you think that a gorgeous sweet young guy with long straight red hair would fit into your family, I am ready to move ahead and become part of your pack!


2 Years Old