Status: Adopted

Hi! My name is Beckett and I love belly rubs! It just takes me a second to roll over and accommodate this special time that my foster mom and I have shared. Afterwards, I might lie down next to her and settle into a peaceful and happy snooze.

Twice a day, I’m ready to walk! When my foster mom first took me on walks, I was sometimes scared, but she has helped me to become more confident.  I walk much better on my leash now, too!

During the day, I enjoy chewing on Nylabones. Tough toys are better for me as I tend to chew too hard on the soft ones—even tennis balls. I’ve always been respectful of the furniture and pillows in the house, though.

If someone comes to the door, I’ll let you know and happily greet them!  I used to be shy when people came inside, but now I warm up to them quickly and cozy up to them too!

I don’t have a surf board, but I find that a kitchen counter with tasty aromas is very inviting! When my foster mom is nearby, I don’t surf; but if she leaves the house, any food left on the counter would find its way to my tummy if I weren’t crated. When I moved in with my foster mom she had me stay in a crate while she was away and sometimes while she was home. Oh, it just occurred to me that I’m in the crate less and less.  Maybe this is because I’ve become more familiar with everyone and I’m more relaxed.

I’ve heard people say I’m handsome in my soft, curly fur.  I’m missing an eye, but I don’t notice it.  Apparently, my eye was malformed at birth, and since I could not see with it, the vet decided it should be removed.

I can’t wait until I can be in a home where I can live and love forever. Belly rubs included would make my dreams come true!

Male, 4 Years Old