Paws Across the Ocean China Dog Rescue Mission

With your help, we can save them.

We are reaching our hands around the world to help dogs in need. As Good as Gold has joined a team of 9 American rescue organizations and 4 Chinese rescuers to save 99 dogs in China who desperately need help. But we can’t make it happen without you.

Great News!! We have reached our goal!!!
The team is now finalizing arrangements and paperwork for the flight.

The dogs were scheduled to come to the United States this spring. But when international flights were cancelled, they lost their chance to be rescued. And then more challenges arose for rescuers in China.

When the coronavirus broke out in China, there was misinformation about dogs spreading the virus. As a result, many dogs were abandoned by their owners or confiscated by local authorities. Now Chinese rescuers are in crisis. Private shelters and foster homes are over capacity and the dogs will be stuck in cramped conditions, potentially for years.

To make matters worse, the Yulin dog meat festival is happening soon. Chinese rescuers could save some of these dogs from slaughter, but only if space is freed up at the overcrowded shelters.

With the borders closed there is no other international rescue happening, so the dogs stand no chance. Unless you can help us save them.

A dog in China awaits her fate.

Working with our rescue partners, this team has found a way, against all odds, to secure a private charter plane at below cost. 99 dogs are vetted and ready to travel. If we can transport them here, it will free them from cramped shelters and open up space for dogs who otherwise will be slaughtered. We are working together to raise the $268,000 needed to fund the rescue. Upon their arrival in America, the dogs will be divided among our rescue groups As Good as Gold will be taking in some of these dogs. The exact date is still being set, but we anticipate their arrival in early July if we can raise the money to save them.

Please help us save the lives of these dogs who desperately need our help. This rescue effort will be entirely funded by your direct donation. This fund will be managed by RAGOM (Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest). Your donation receipt and tax letter with come from them.

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