O’Reilly says, “Parade Your Pooch on October 4”

O'Reilly surgeryMy name is O’Reilly. The only family I ever knew gave me up at age 6 because of increasing mobility issues.

As Good as Gold came to my rescue. My new foster family recognized that I could only walk short distances, needed rest often and managed stairs very slowly and cautiously. I was in constant pain!

A surgeon said my cruciate ligaments in both knees were damaged. I am now recovering from the first of two surgeries. My great foster care during recovery included rehab and plenty of range of motion exercises. I’m now putting weight on my right leg and the stitches are out.

I am heartbroken that I’ll miss the Parade Your Pooch Fun Walk on Sunday, October 4. I really wanted to be there but my second surgery is scheduled for the beginning of October.

I hope you’ll go in my place….or at least make a donation, so the quality care that’s making all the difference in my life can continue and As Good as Gold can help other goldens in need!

Sign-up for the Parade Your Pooch Fun Walk at https://asgoodasgold.ejoinme.org/poochwalk2015

Donate to O’Reilly’s fund at https://asgoodasgold.ejoinme.org/45100

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