Jemma Spotlight


Jemma is gentle, sweet and never barks. She love car rides, sleeping in the sun and chewing on deer antlers.  She has a beautiful face and a gorgeous full coat.  She also has severe hip dysplasia which is why she came to As Good as Gold.  Little did we know at the time that Jemma had other health issues that would need constant scrutiny.

The owner advised us that she had not eaten in several days. He attributed her behavior to depression of being in a kennel.  She was immediately taken to an AGaG veterinarian who found that her jaw was locked shut.  Through bloodwork, she was diagnosed with an advanced case of Masticatory Myositis, an autoimmune disease that affects the muscles in the head and jaw. At her foster home, she was fed water and small portions of gruel with a syringe.  Jemma’s condition slowly improved with the addition of an expensive medication called Atopica.  Although far from fully recovered after four weeks, she was progressing and could now open her mouth 2 ¾” enabling her to eat and drink more efficiently.

During her long health struggle, Jemma has maintained her bright, tail wagging, easy going personality.  She enjoys rolling in the snow, running in a bunny hop fashion and going to the park just to take in nature’s smells.  After a day of play and happy spinning dances when she is excited, Jemma is content to rest at her foster mom’s feet.

Still, her physical maladies continued. She recently spent three days at a specialty hospital for treatment of swelling and an abscess on her paw possibly exacerbated by the immune-mediated disease and drugs she was taking.  She received intravenous antibiotics and fluids to help prevent the possibility of sepsis.  After her full recovery from this infection and Masticatory Myositis, her surgery for Femoral Head Ostectomy of both hips and a long recovery period is still hopefully in her future.

As Good as Gold is dedicated to providing care and treatment to their medically needy rescued Goldens and Jemma is no exception. Jemma’s medical expenses up to this point are approximately $3300, with continued Atopica at $50/week and the possible FHO surgery.  We need your help.  Can we count on you to support Jemma’s recovery and insure a pain free golden life for her?  Please click here to donate to Jemma’s past and future care.

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