Fedora Spotlight Full Size

Fedora was a very sick dog when she was rescued from street living by Love Puerto Rico Goldens.  Her skin and coat were in poor condition, her ears were infected and unfortunately she was also diagnosed with cancer.  When treated with chemotherapy, the prognosis for Transmissible Venereal Tumor (TVT) is excellent and metastasis is uncommon.  She had her first round of chemo treatment while in foster care  in Puerto Rico.    When Fedora arrived in Chicago and under the care of AGaG, she was given another course of chemotherapy and in April there were no cancer cells found! In the future, Fedora will need a biopsy of scar tissue left by the cancer and have a nodule on her neck and a mammary mass removed. In addition to visits to her oncologist, Fedora is under the care of a dermatologist who prescribes oral and topical medications for allergies to help control the itching, scratching, licking and watery eyes. The condition of her teeth was also problematic and subsequently she had a number of teeth removed.  With cooperation from Fedora, her Foster Mom brushes Fedora’s teeth daily to keep her remaining teeth healthy.

In spite of what she has had to physically endure, Dora, as her Foster Mom lovingly calls her, maintains her sweet and friendly demeanor.  She enjoys walks and is alert to very bird, squirrel or critter that crosses her path. She loves to relax during car rides and looks forward to games of tennis ball fetch.  Dora is very curious and may have a bit of a hobo in her because she will wander out of an open gate or door, but returns when called.  She truly is Dora The Explorer!

As with the acceptance of Fedora into our rescue family, As Good as Gold is dedicated to accepting all homeless goldens including those that are medically fragile.  Cost of care is never a consideration because of the generous support given by caring people who donate funds to support our mission.  Cancer treatment, future tumor removal and dermatological care will be needed by Dora for the foreseeable future.  All of this medical care comes with a huge price tag. Please click here  if you can make a donation to help insure that Fedora and all the other needy goldens continue to be given a chance for a golden life.

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