Alma First Day C (2)

Alma may have been a stray since the day she was born and most likely never lived in a home environment.  When Love Puerto Rico Goldens rescued her, Alma’s condition was desperate. Estimated to be about two years old, she was emaciated, almost hairless and had a large open wound on the front of her leg.  After several months of working on stabilizing her condition, LPRG transferred her to the care of As Good as Gold.

Soon after she arrived in Chicago, Alma was diagnosed with a plethora of ailments that had to be addressed with a multitude of medications. Her hair loss and inflamed skin was attributed to a fungus called Trichophyton Mentagrophytes.  This fungus is uncommon and similar to ringworm, but is not as contagious.  Alma receives medicated baths every second day and even seems to enjoy these soothing interludes.  She also tested positive for Ehrlichea and roundworms. All of her chronic diseases were likely causing her to be slightly anemic and contributed to her mild hypothyroidism. Pain medication was prescribed for the discomfort she was suffering from her badly infected feet and paws.

In just four short weeks, Alma is feeling much better and enjoys the comforts of the loving environment her foster parents have provided. She has stopped her incessant scratching and is starting to grow little spikes of fur all over her barren body. Her physical transformation has begun! Housebreaking issues are a thing of the past and Alma has started to show her playful side by swinging her favorite rope toy and encouraging her fur foster brother Rigel to interact by giving him play bows. An occasional carefree run around the yard helps relieve Alma’s winter cabin fever, but tossed tennis balls continue to be an anomaly to her.

Fortunately, because of your generous support in the past, As Good as Gold has been able to provide all the medical treatment Alma has needed to put her on the road to recovery.  We know, however, that there will be other dogs that will need our assistance in the future.  Please click here to make a donation to ensure that we can continue our mission of saving every golden retriever in need of our help.

Have you wondered how Alma is doing? You’d be very impressed!! This is a photo of her now…

Alma after

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