We are excited to announce that it is time for the 7th annual As Good as Gold Candle Contest to get underway! The contest begins with photo submissions of goldens and golden mixes by AGaG members, as well as non-members. There is no cost to submit your photo for the contest; guidelines for submitted photos are included in our newsletter and posted on our website.

Once all entries are received, the actual competition begins!  During a two week period, votes … each requiring a $2 donation … are cast for the participating dogs. You can vote for as many dogs as you like and as often as you wish.   Since vote totals are tallied in real-time, you will always know where your favorite(s) stand!

At the close of the contest, the 12 dogs compiling the most votes will be declared the winners.  Candle scents will be chosen in order, with the submitter of the winning golden photo selecting first, second place choosing next, and so on until all scents have been selected.

We’ve created a flyer you can download and print. Post it in a break room, pass out to neighbors or wherever you’d be able to promote our contest.

Our 2017 winners are shown below. The jar candles make wonderful gifts, and the contest is a great way to introduce friends, family, and co-workers to As Good as Gold. We look forward to your participation this year!

Charity Wicks 2017 Candles http://www.charitywicks.com/As-Good-As-Gold-Golden-Retriever-Rescue_c_740.html

Note: in previous years this was the Wine and Candle contest. Due to changes in Illinois state law, wine cannot be shipped to an Illinois address from an out of state company. For this reason, we are doing just candles now.