All the photos have been submitted and prepared for the contest. Now you get to see them and, more importantly, you get to vote for your favorites!! The top 12 dogs, based upon the total number of votes received, will end up on this year’s selection of Charity Wicks Candles.

Your can vote for as many dogs as you like and you can place as many votes as you wish. Each vote requires a $2 tax deductible donation to As Good as Gold.

Not sure what this Candle Contest is all about? Find out here.

To place your votes, go to:

Current vote totals update in real-time so you’ll always know who stands where.  We’ll also be posting updates throughout the contest to Facebook, Instagram and our website here.

BONUS TIP: those that won in previous years did so by:

  • Enlisting the help of friends, family and co-works.
  • Sharing the url above with them and asking for their support.

Every dollar raised results in us being able to help rescue more dogs. And the top 12 dogs will be immortalized on a candle. It’s a special honor that you will cherish for many years to come.