Summer Benefit Celebration

Let’s come together to celebrate our passion for goldens, while benefiting goldens in need!

Date: Saturday, July 30, 2022
Time: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Place: Church Street Brewing Company
480 Industrial Dr. Unit C, Itasca, IL 60143
Cost: $40 per person

Join us for an afternoon of socializing with other dog supporters, greeting old friends and meeting new, all the while raising money for As Good as Gold rescues. Share your golden stories while trying a variety of craft beers, wine, or a cocktail along with a variety of appetizers, salads and sides.

If you cannot join us, please consider a donation or sponsorship as Cathy Miller of the Miller Charitable Trust pledged to donate up to $20,000 to match our total revenue from this benefit including ticket expense, donations, and sponsorships so we can support more dogs in need while having a great time!

One golden pup we have helped recently…Maggie 

Maggie was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at 4-months old, went blind at 7 months, and underwent cataract surgery at 9 months.

As Good as Gold is happy to report that as a result of the surgery, Maggie’s sight was restored. Those who have ever loved a golden will likely understand that the cost of giving a healthy life to a 4-month-old puppy is simply a worthwhile expense. Admittedly, it’s a heavy one. Expenditures including the cost of veterinary visits, testing-including a pre-surgical retinal ERG, ultrasound, medications, spaying, eye surgery, and follow-up surgical care, are upwards of $11,000.

Maggie now has the opportunity for a long life. This would not have been possible without the thoughtful donations given to As Good as Gold, which runs totally on contributions. We have no brick-and-mortar facility to maintain, and each person involved is a volunteer. Therefore, a donation of any amount to put toward the costs incurred for Maggie’s care and the care of potential surrenders to our rescue would be greatly appreciated.

Once Maggie completes her final eye appointment and her diabetes management is at maintenance level, she will be ready join a forever family. Her future would not have been as bright, if not for your donations.

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