Simba Update

simba-update-01Despite the fact that Simba came to As Good as Gold with severe hip dysplasia, an infection in both ears, and skin infections, he continues to be a typical happy, cuddle loving Golden Retriever.

simba-update-02As Good as Gold knew that a lifetime of drugs and injections was no way for this super sweet seven year old Golden Retriever to live.  So on July 20th Simba had surgery on his left hip and in the near future, he will also have surgery on his right hip.

Soon Simba will be able to do all the things he loves without pain like:

  • Rolling around in the grass
  • Playing with balls, ropes, Nylabone tug toy, or his favorite Nylabone DuraToy Floppy Fred
  • Carrying a Kong around in his mouth
  • Checking out cats and watching their antics
  • Sleeping with his foster sister

As Good as Gold never hesitated to help when he was suffering but the medical costs are high.  His first hip surgery cost $2,800, the next will add another $2,800, plus the $300 that was used to treat his ear and skin infections.

Please help this very affectionate golden by visiting Simba’s Parade Your Pooch fundraising page to make a donation. Or, join the Parade Your Pooch Walk on September 25.  By donating and/or walking a mile and half, you, your friends, and your family will give Simba the chance to walk the rest of his life and help As Good as Gold rescue and help more Goldens and Golden Mixes in need.



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