Puppies from Puerto Rico

As Good as Gold doesn’t receive litters of puppies very often, but when we do it is an exciting time for everyone!  They are so much fun to raise and watch develop into playful little ones.  My favorite fosters are litters of puppies; no matter how much work they are, they always bring smiles to so many faces.  The latest litter to join our group came on a flight from Puerto Rico in April.  They were 7 little bundles of joy that were 8 week old golden mixes … 6 males and 1 female.

I greeted them at the airport with the help of Jim King.  We loaded them in their crates into the back of my car and off we went.  Once home, I had their pen all ready to go and got them settled.  They were a little frightened by the travel, but once out of the crates and in a comfortable place, they were very happy, wiggly, silly puppies.

We had quite a few visitors during the time they were here and enjoyed introducing them to many new things.  They stayed together two weeks at my home to help acclimate them to life with their adoptive families.  One by one, they left to great homes and are growing leaps and bounds.  They have all gone to training classes and will hopefully be able to reunite at the annual Reunion Picnic on September 16th.

We are very thankful to Love Puerto Rico Goldens for trusting us with their care and finding them forever homes.

I always feel blessed with the happiness and excitement of puppies in the house and always love sharing them with others that come visit.

Kristin Vesely

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