Status: Adopted

Puppies Square 1

We were born on July 20 while our mom Roma was being cared for and pampered in a loving foster home.  There are seven puppies in our litter of four boys and three girls and our appearance is a variety pack going from jet black to a light silver. Our mom is a golden retriever, but we are not sure what heritage our dad is! From the very start, foster mom and the children in the family have cuddled and handled us so we are a well-adjusted and socialized group.  Our separate personalities are emerging and go from the “leader of the pack” to the quiet docile guy. We have been busy testing our voices, wrestling with each other, learning to eat puppy food and taking puppy pile-on naps throughout the day.

If you can’t resist adding one of us to your family, we will need your assurance that someone will be able to let us out every three hours to ensure our house training and give us some exercise outside of our crates. In order for us to become good citizens and to bond with you, we will also need to attend a puppy training class and at least one positive reinforcement beginner obedience class.

We all love our pack, but it’s almost time for each of us to find a Fall Furever Family.  We will be ready to wiggle our way into your heart on September 14th, so hurry and start the application process.