Status: Recent Adoptions

“Prancer is a delightful little guy to have around. He’s a sweet boy who wants to be with his human all the time.” That’s what my foster mom wrote about me. The vet said I was a “very nice boy!” Oh, these nice people lovin’ me right back warms my Golden heart.

I certainly do love to socialize and definitely crave attention and physical contact. Wherever foster mom goes, I go too; from one end of the house to the other and even up to bed!  I get to sleep in her bedroom! She’s very happy because I let her sleep in as long as she wishes.  The quiet times of the evenings relaxing with my foster family often bring opportunities to snuggle and be petted.  Another thing that brings on my Golden smile is when the children next door pet me! Oh, to be softly touched and get attention: it’s the best!

The vet said I’m a nice boy, but he also said I have a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. It affects my motor coordination. People will notice that my balance and movements seem rather jerky.  This condition is not painful, but I do have to “crawl” at times to get from the down position to standing. Sometimes I have pain when I extend both hips, and arthritis in spots contributes to my compromised movement, but I don’t let these things keep me from getting around and loving life!

Because I’m a determined guy, and as foster mom says, “as smart as a whip,” I’ve developed ways to adjust to this slightly compromised physical state. Indoors, I feel quite confident walking across carpeting and rugs. Slick floors are problematic though; I crawl rather than walk across them. Truthfully, I wish I could skip the stairs. I have to lie on my belly and pull myself up. Going down, it’s back on my belly again. I really need a human assist as sometimes a little push going up helps and “spotting” is needed going down. Outdoors I relieve myself in a timely and efficient manner. I spend time roaming and trotting around the yard. (Foster mom notes that I can trot as fast as most dogs run.) I like walks but keep them short.

I so enjoy my stuffies! And, I get along with other dogs but – – – I have begun guarding high-value treats, toys, and even my foster mom. It would be best to be in a home without another dog so I can always have my favorite toys and never worry about another dog stealing my prized possessions.

Foster mom says that besides the guarding issue, I have been a pleasure to have as a houseguest. She’s noticed my “incredible ability to problem solve.” And, though I may be wobbly and uncoordinated I have a happy nature and hope to find a forever family that I could love and who would love me back.

Male, 4 Years Old