Hi, my name is Oscar, and I am about 2 1/2 years old.  I came to As Good as Gold from Turkey.  A family had me there and couldn’t keep me.  I had a bad limp.  The doctors here discovered that I had a previous injury or a surgery that may not have been done correctly, so I have issues with my back right leg.  The doctor didn’t feel I needed surgery, I just need a lot of physical therapy and also take pain medication to help me.  My foster dad has been  helping me with my exercises and then will report back to the doctor in a few weeks how I am doing.  I will need a home without stairs and someone that will continue to help me with my exercises to keep my muscles strong.  I also have to have a fenced in yard because I won’t go potty on a leash.  I also don’t like little dogs and it’s unknown how I would be with cats.