Status: Adopted


Is anyone up for a game of tennis? No cumbersome rackets needed to play by my rules. A bucket of green tennis balls and a strong throwing arm are all that is required to keep me occupied. My fur foster sister, Georgia, and I are friendly competitors when chasing the balls. I can even return two at a time carrying them in my big lips!  Foster Mom refers to me as a “big oaf” when I try to catch a ball. I can’t seem to get my timing right. I jump into the air and twist too early or too late. I think the Cub’s outfielders’ jobs are secure.  We have a swimming pool and I learned to swim this summer.  I’m a water dog who would stay afloat forever if allowed!

I am also known as a friendly thief.  I steal items that don’t belong to me, but I never harm anything I borrow. Car rides are not my thing right now, but I do like to leash walk and only pull a little while wearing my harness.

I have been able to maintain my sweet outgoing personality in spite of the allergy problems I have endured most of my life. When I arrived at my foster home, I was diagnosed with severe chronic infection of my skin and ears likely caused by sensitivities to certain allergens including something called a mite. Since I started eating a special diet of Royal Canin Ultamio kibble, was prescribed several new medications and enjoy occasional medicated baths, my itchies are now minimal.   If I begin to scratch, Foster Dad makes me wear a cone shaped contraption, so I try to control myself when the urge to rub my skin strikes me. My veterinarian told me that I may have to start some type of immunotherapy sometime in the future if my condition does not remain stabilized.  After several months of treatment in my foster home, my handsome self has immerged.  My coat has grown in thick and glossy and I now have some feathers on my tail.

I am a snuggler and am willing to take my share of your bed right in the middle to insure sweet dreams of joining a forever family to help me continue my allergy desensitizing and remain prickle free.


9 Years Old